Mission Statement

The Friends of the Hudson River Greenway in the Bronx is a non-profit community organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the natural, historic and cultural features of the Hudson River in the Bronx and Westchester, and the enhancement of the recreational and educational opportunities provided by the River. We work with other community, civic and environmental groups to create a greenway along the River from the northern tip of Manhattan to Yonkers and beyond. We seek to protect and preserve the Hudson River and its shores, its fish and bird and other animal life and its scenic views; and to ensure that it is clean, safe and secure.


The Hudson River Greenway in the Bronx and Westchester is part of a trail connecting parkland and communities and extending from Albany to the southern tip of Manhattan. We will work to ensure that it provides significant additional opportunities for the members of our community to enjoy the waterfront, offering walking and biking routes that will connect with the parks and communities to the north and south.

Cherry Walk